Facilitating Executive Emergence,
the Purposeful Persona, and
a Professional, Principled, Public Life

Bring Your Best Self to Your Career

My name is Sunni Smith.

Professionally, I identify as a leadership and executive coach. I came to coaching organically from a background in media, public policy, entertainment, and law.

While effective Leadership is an essential component of business success, it’s a fundamental quality not mastered by many at the height of their careers.

For me, “executive” refers to an individual at the top of their game or in the process of ascending to that apex…

It is someone in public life or coping with various types of over/under-exposure…

One who is an intentional Chief Executive Officer or even what I call an “Accidental CEO.”

“Nothing is Impossible, the word itself says I’m possible.” –Audrey Hepburn

As a science and an art…

Coaching provides me with an opportunity to integrate my professional ways of being into a practice that fuels the objectives and goals set by my clients.

I function as a kind of personal GPS that helps direct them toward a focused and intentional process aimed at maximizing their potential. Wherever you are in your journey, ask yourself this:

What would it be like to have a confidential thought-partner and reflective resource to support you in moving through self-identified successes as well as acknowledged challenges?

“You should never view your challenges as a disadvantage. Instead, it’s important for you to understand that your experience facing and overcoming adversity is actually one of your biggest advantages.” –Michelle Obama, First Lady of the U.S.

Coaching involves a partnership in discovery; it means affirming what is working and identifying what is not working while developing a discerning ability to sort out what is in alignment with your core values.

My passion for coaching is founded in a sense of service and knowing that we are all here journeying through life for a reason. And a large part of that reason involves leadership, bringing your best self to your chosen career.

I invite you… to invite me… to join you on your journey to self.

Coaching Credentials & Competencies

As an ICF Professional Certified Coach, I am an adjunct with the Center for Creative Leadership (CCL),  and  a certified executive coach with Executive Coaching Connections (ECC).

Also, I am certified in:

  • Conversational Intelligence®(C-IQ)
  • Team Advantage Coaching®
  • Emotional Intelligence 2.0
  • Conflict Resolution.

My foundational coach training was with Goldvarg Consulting, and I completed a certification in Coaching Supervision which expands my capacity to utilize reflective and systems-thinking approaches.

“Sunni Smith is a brilliant guest speaker. Her insights, knowledge and perspective are life changing. She has such an impact on the students that three years later, students are still talking about the value and importance of her words… [She was] such a hit the last time and the students greatly benefited from what [she] had to say.”

Don Hill, UC Irvine Senior Graduate Professor, Claire Trevor School of the Arts

Partial Client List & Project Partners

For more than a decade, I successfully have trained and coached entities in leadership and management principles, as well as equity and inclusion.

Executives and organizations that have benefitted from my training include:

  • The ACLU
  • The Center for Disease Control
  • KCRW 89.9 FM
  • Genentech & Roche International

My executive/leadership coaching practice is an organic outgrowth of my professional background in public policy, media, and law. In the “thought -partner” role, I  am regarded as a value-added asset in the emerging, complex, and compelling work toward cultural competency.

“In a world that moves so fast that the soul and purpose of people get lost, Sunni is a rare gem offering brilliance, patience and principle to all that are fortunate enough to be in her space…she delivers, cohesively, consistently, and creatively.”

Freddie Ravel, “Life In Tune™,” Keynote Maestro, Grammy-Nominated Musician, and Business Visionary

Capabilities & Career Highlights

  • Over 15 years in the field of leadership and organizational strategy, primarily as a consultant, coach, trainer, and facilitator
  • Center for Nonprofit Management LA Women’s Summit Keynote Speaker
  • Trained with Middle-East, Conflict Resolution Specialists, Richard and Barbara Dash of “Putting ‘Peaces’ Together
  • Developed and produced “Conversations Celebration,” a celebrity Skirball Cultural Center theater event that uplifted the need for dialogue in a diverse society
  • Led international trade/policy missions to South Africa and Columbia, South America
  • Awarded CORO Public Policy Fellowship & Annenberg Summer Faculty Fellowship
  • Practiced appellate litigation and delivered oral argument before the United States Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit, including, before the “Notorious RBG”
  • The academic achievements that underscore my professional work include a Master’s degree in counseling and rehabilitation, a J.D. with certification in communications law, and a Master’s degree in Public Policy Law from Georgetown University Law Center in Washington, DC. I am regarded as an intuitive, intelligent, and creative coach and consultant whose unique approach to guiding individuals and organizations toward positive, productive, and professional expansion is both undeniable, and unequalled

Let’s co-create…

Confidentiality is not only a priority, it’s an imperative. 

“I’m talking about the resilience, you know. I mean, if you actually inject yourself with energy, you are striding, you see? You are unstoppable in a way.”
–Tania León, Cuban-American composer of Stride & the 2021 Pulitzer Prize Winner in Music.

“I’m talking about the resilience, you know. I mean, if you actually inject yourself with energy, you are striding, you see? You are unstoppable in a way.”

–Tania León, Cuban-American composer of Stride & the 2021 Pulitzer Prize Winner in Music.


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